Pastor Mark Campbell

"I decree that White Fields Church is a kingdom church filled with righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit."

"Ready to take your place as the warrior you are and start enforcing change in the world? One way to do this is by speaking blessings over your local church."

-1 Corinthians 7:10

Nancy Campbell

"I speak over this church, White Fields church, that this year will be a year of new beginnings, a fresh start and new life.

I proclaim that White Fields church will reap the harvest. This place will be filled with new life. New believers will come

Here because of the pouring out of the Holy Spirit. People will be healed, set free and set on a new path because 

of what You’re going to do in this place.

We are A Discerning church! This year we will move in spiritual discernment! We will seek Your will and what You are doing 

In our lives; not what we think is happening but what you are doing so we can discern right from wrong; not almost right, all 

the way right, according to Your spirit."

Bob Bergeron

"This year the Lord will be teaching us how to walk less in our own understanding. We will learn to hear and obey the voice of Holy Spirit."

Jason Wells

"The Spirit over White Fields Church will be a Warrior Spirit and of chicken spirit. Righteous by the blood of Jesus we will walk as warriors."

Karen Wells

"We pick up our harps again off the willow branch, we sing the song of the Lord. White Fields will be known as the house of joy!"

Sid Glasscock

"God is love. You have got to take the measure given to you and love every person in here. Be concerned for them, pray for them. We have this treasure (the presence of God) and we guard it up. But we need to give it away. I want every person to know you are welcome here. If we nee to fight with you, we will fight with you. If we need to praise with you we will praise with you. But the point is you have a yolk fellow, you have someone beside you."